A Premier Colorado Wellness Spa

Bhava Beauty and Wellness is a comprehensive, Colorado Wellness Spa. We provide holistic alternatives to traditional medical practices including Acupuncture, Infrared Sauna, Intuitive Body Readings, and Comprehensive Health Testing.

We were voted Vail Valley's Best Holistic Health Practice and Best Acupuncture Practice in 2023!

As a holistic wellness spa in Avon, we empower our clients with natural alternatives to traditional medicine. Take a peek at what we’re able to do for you!

Infrared Sauna

While a regular sauna uses heat to warm the air, our infrared sauna utilizes infrared waves to heat your body directly. Because those waves penetrate deeply into the body, infrared saunas achieve results far easier (and quicker) than their traditional counterparts.  

When you enter our infrared sauna, your body soaks up the heat – raising your internal temperature and promoting a deeper level of detoxification. As a result, you’re easily able to rid yourself of excess toxins, heavy metals, chemicals, and radioactive particles.  

Because infrared waves penetrate deeply into the muscles, this treatment provides instant relief from soreness and facilitates the body’s natural healing process. In addition, our infrared sauna soothes sore muscles, increases healthy blood flow, relieves pain, and minimizes nerve pressure.

The sauna is reserved for 45 minute time slots. $65

Intuitive Body Reading - Reiki

Intuitive Body Readings are a way to understand the messages your body is trying to communicate with you.

Our life force energy (Chi) provides signals, that when we are aware, act as a compass in our bodies. This ability allows us to discern or "see" problematic areas stemming from past, present, and sometimes future states, as well as their likely causes and will also provide helpful solutions.

This session may include reiki or energy healing, sound therapy, or meditation.

50 minute $160

70 minutes $195

Thorne Apothecary

Comprehensive Health Testing

Have you ever wondered your biological age, your thyroid function, why you struggle to get pregnant?

We now offer comprehensive health testing with Thorne.

Our ambition is to empower individuals to live healthier for longer through personalized, scientific testing and solutions.

You can schedule a consult with one of our holistic health practitioners in Avon to determine if any health testing is needed.

Based on your test results our team of holistic health practitioners can help guide you on next steps and treatment plans.

We now offer:

Stress Testing

Fertility Testing

Thyroid Testing

Sleep Testing

Vitamin D Testing

Weight Management Testing

Menopause Testing

Gut Health Testing

Biological Age Testing


We believe personalized, scientific wellness can extend the duration of one's health span, create happier and healthier lives, and feel one’s best at every age and life stage.

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Committed to 100% Clean

At Thorne, clean describes supplements that do not contain any harmful or unnecessary ingredients. Our "No" List guides us every day in choosing which ingredients to source and how to formulate new products, so you can feel confident about what you are putting in your body.

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