• Madalyn "May" Hethcote (Owner, Holistic Esthetician + Massage Therapist)

    My passion for beauty and wellness started from a young age. I enjoyed the creativity of makeup, I tried thousands of products on the market to treat my acne prone and eczema ridden skin. I took a deep dive into my health after my dad passed away from cancer and I was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer myself.

    After high school I attended the Denver School of Botanical and Medical Esthetics. I quickly feel in love with the spa industry and wanted to treat the skin more than just the face. I knew most skin conditions had underlying causes or triggers that went beyond treating the skin alone. I attended school at Higher Elevation Healing Arts to become a massage therapist as well.

    Since then I've found products and treatments that have helped me along my health and wellness journey and I couldn't be more thankful for that I get to share that with the world.

    In the treatment room I aim to guide everyone on their own wellness journey. I truly want everyone to be able to feel their most beautiful self, their most healed and taken care of self, their most well self.

    I chose the name Bhava because it means a state of peace or bliss and I want everyone to feel that when they come here. When they trust us with their health.

    It may have taken me years to find products that are safe and clean without compromising performance or luxury. Sunscreen that isn’t white and chalky, deodorant that actually works, makeup that covers a blemish, shampoo that doesn’t smell like apple cider vinegar- free of parabens, sulfates, petrochemicals, endocrine disruptors or other toxic chemicals, and were not tested on animals. I promise you don't have to give up your favorite products, we’ve found a safer alternative.

    I hope you find your state of peace here at Bhava, just like I have.

  • Lauren "Lou" Miles (Holistic Esthetician)

    Lauren trusts in whole body wellness, that our bodies are incredibly intelligent and have what they need to function properly. She believes it is our privilege to listen and work in harmony with our body and soul.

    As the largest organ, our skin is our first line of defense. Lauren’s adoration for the skin drives her constant thirst for knowledge. She is passionate about researching the latest wellness therapies, new natural ingredients, and any tools that assist in a healthy lifestyle. 

    In the treatment room, Lauren cherishes the ability to aid clients through therapeutic touch and carefully crafted skincare. She specializes in holistic skin therapy and loves learning new techniques to promote overall well-being. 

    When away from work, Lauren enjoys gardening, reading, and any activity that includes the outdoors- especially sunshine!

  • Whitney Britnell (Master Esthetician)

    Whitney discovered the world of holistic beauty and wellness in her early 20's and ever since has wanted to keep learning more about it and sharing that with others. She truly believes that our skin and bodies are a precious vessel that are meant to be taken care of in the most natural ways.

    Your skin is a direct reflection of what is going on inside your body and she wants people to be informed on that. With experience in organic natural skincare and esthetics, she wants to share the gift of their transformative power.

    She wants to introduce therapeutic touch to people's lives and get to the root of their concerns, while also helping them feel like their most beautiful self. She wants others to know that the power of touch in esthetics is an incredible thing, and how it delivers major health and beauty benefits beyond the skin.

    She wants others to have a chance to connect to and heal their bodies from the inside out, and she wants to be the one supporting them alongside their journey. 

  • Bree Spell (LMT, ATC/L, MFDc, MLD)

    After a diverse 12 year career in orthopaedics and sports medicine as a certified athletic trainer, Bree transitioned to more hands-on healing practice in the form of massage therapy. She is passionate about supporting a balanced lifestyle of physical activity and the self care needed to maintain that lifestyle through her massage therapy practice. She is dedicated to helping her clients experience the duality of relaxation and recovery through her unique massage. Her goal is to simultaneously regulate the nervous system to calm the mind while attaining muscular balance and functional mobility in the body. 

    In addition to her orthopaedic training, she is constantly expanding her knowledge through continuing education and has studied manual lymphatic drainage, myofasical release, myofascial decompression via cupping, thai massage and more. Bree is offering a unique therapeutic experience with a rare approach to relaxation and recovery. It is guided by her extensive knowledge, experience and intuition, culminating in a truly original bodywork experience through mindful therapeutic touch.

    Licensed Massage Therapist -Certified Athletic Trainer - Myofasical Decompression via cupping - Manual Lymphatic Drainage - Massage Therapy License - 200 hr Registered Yoga Instructor - B.S. Athletic Training; minor in dance

  • Kerri Thelen (LMT, Doula + Reiki Master)

    Kerri has been practicing massage therapy and holistic wellness therapies for over 23 years. She holds a Masters in human services with counseling concentration and BS in psychology with a minor in sociology. Kerri graduated in ‘99 with a therapeutic massage certification. She later went on to study energy medicine, reflexology, craniosacral, natural birthing, Reiki, Hypnotherapy, cupping and meridian therapy. She is a certified Doula and Reiki Master.

  • Amanda Parish (DTCM, Licensed Acupuncturist, DHP)

    Amanda has over 15 years of experience in the health and wellness industry.  She earned her doctorate in Traditional Chinese Medicine and has certifications as a Licensed Acupuncture and a Digestive Health Professional. She loves helping people get to the root cause of their health concerns. Her specialities include digestive health, mental health, and finding that outer glow through inner health & balance. Amanda's treatments focus on treating from the inside out, relieving internal stress, and empowering every client to live their best life.

    When not working, Amanda loves spending time with her dog and being out in nature as much as possible. Amanda is a lifelong learner and enjoys keeping up to date with current medical research. Hobbies include amateur photography, skiing, and water sports.

    Additional certificates held:  Advanced Constitutional Facial Acupuncture and the Wakefield Technique, level one Reiki Practitioner, Aroma Acu- Point licensed practitioner, and advanced acupuncture certifications completed in China.