Why Whitney Became an Esthetician

Why I Became an Esthetician 

This journey to becoming an Esthetician all started for me after high school when I felt like there was no career out there that really aligned with me. I went to college for a while then ended up dropping out because of the lack of passion I felt. To be quite honest I felt lost, and like a failure. I started to wonder if I would ever find the right path for myself. I took a year off to try to figure out what the next step in my life would be. I didn’t really know where to start but I did know I wanted to feel passion behind it and wanted it to be impactful in people's lives.

During the year off I had a pretty aggressive rash that formed on my face. It drastically affected my confidence and mental health. In fact I spent most of my time at home because I didn’t want anyone to see me. Before this I had always had amazing skin, people always complimented me on it. But to be completely honest I was just lucky. I used products from drug stores, and didn’t think twice about the ingredients in them. The list of skincare no no’s in my life didn’t stop there. I had fallen asleep without washing my face more times than I can count, I rarely used sunscreen on my face, and had zero clue what a facial or a good skincare routine even was.

Once this rash took over my face and was just getting worse I decided I needed to do something about it. For whatever the reason something inside me led me down the route of wanting to fix it for myself. After a while I was finally able to get it under control and get my skin back to normal. I found a great sense of pride when it had gone away and was all thanks to myself. After this experience I was extremely intrigued by skin. I wanted to learn all about it, and I wanted to help others become confident and educated when it comes to their skin. At this time I didn’t even know what an esthetician was. After doing some research, being an esthetician sounded like it was just the thing I had been looking for. I had A LOT to learn before I could help others. I didn’t just want to talk the talk, I wanted to walk the walk. I made drastic changes to my lifestyle when it came to taking care of my skin. I have become conscious of the ingredients in my skincare and makeup, I wash my face no matter how tired I am, I wear sunscreen on my face every single day, I have an established skincare routine, and I have learned so much and continue everyday about skin health.

From being completely in the dark about how important taking care of your skin is, to shining in the light of skin care knowledge. Ever since I became an esthetician it has truly been such a rewarding experience. I love being able to help people who may not even know where to start when it comes to skincare. I love guiding others towards that feeling of confidence in their own skin. I look back at the person I was before this whole journey and I want to help people like that.

Looking back at it all, it is crazy to think that if I didn’t drop out of college and get a rash on my face that I would not be doing something I absolutely love. Trust the process, trust the journey, at times it may not make sense, but I hope everyone has the chance to find that thing they have been looking for. 

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