The Benefits of Using a Jade Mask

Jade is a gemstone that is associated with good health, wealth, and love. It is also associated with the 4th chakra, the spiritual source of power located in the heart center. These stones can be used for physical and mental healing properties. Listed below are the mental benefits of the jade stone. 

-Semi-precious gemstone with amazing healing properties

-Great for manifesting work goals

-Creating a positive attitude toward money

-Supporting business ventures

-Used in healing dating back to the ancient civilizations

-Helps heal and detoxify the lymphatic system

-Brings you love and courage to raise your vibrational energy

-Helps you be more productive and welcome amazing things into your life

-Very grounding and great for the body

-Encourages self love and acceptance

-Relief for migraines and headaches

-Know as the stone of good luck and happiness

Used by Chinese empresses for thousands of years, the Jade Mask has soothing and anti-inflammatory properties designed to relieve facial tension and sinus pressure while also remineralizing the eye area. The intricately hand woven pattern of jade stones features a cooling, calming, weighted design that can help minimize the look of dark circles, puffiness and wrinkles. Applying light pressure to key pressure points on the face can increase the production of serotonin and melatonin. Weighted stimulation is proven to help reduce anxiety and promote relaxation. Using a jade mask can be the perfect addition to your yoga or meditation routine, or aid sleep before bed. Using a jade mask is also a great alternative to using a one time use sheet and eye mask! The jade mask can be used on the top and bottom half of your face so it truly is universal for any of your skincare needs. Below are the physical benefits of using a jade mask. 


- Soothes and relaxes facial muscles and skin

- Relaxing

- Helps Anxiety 

- Great for use in meditation

- Helps relieve headaches

-Helps take redness and irritation out of the skin

- Helps calm the mind 

- Eliminates congestion and reduces inflammation   

- Improves blood circulation and skin tone

- Improves elasticity of the skin

- Promotes lymphatic drainage

- Nice to use as a mask over your face creams or over a sheet mask

- Helps eyes feel fresh and awake


We use jade masks in our facials here at Bhava! Come try one out, they are dreamy. 

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