Acupuncture and Women’s Health

Did you know that acupuncture can help with women’s health issues? Acupuncture is excellent at regulating all internal body functions, including the endocrine system. Many women turn to acupuncture and the help of Traditional Chinese Medicine to help them regulate menstrual cycles, eliminate PMS, deal with difficult diagnoses like endometriosis, as well as symptoms like unexplained fatigue and uncomfortable emotional shifts. Acupuncture can help females of all ages- from your first period, to planning to start a family, fertility challenges, all the way through to menopause and its related symptoms. 

Traditional Chinese medicine works so well because it evaluates every person as an individual. Your body, and the symptoms it is presenting are unique to you, and thus deserves a unique solution! 

Acupuncture can help balance the endocrine system and hormones, thus improving the function of the ovaries, balancing hormones, increasing fertility, and decreasing related menstrual symptoms. 

Here at Bhava Beauty and Wellness we have experience helping women get to the root of their health issues. You don’t need a “diagnosis” to know that something is off. If your body is letting you know there is something unbalanced please come in and chat with us. There is always hope! 


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